Virgin Mobile Hotspot is A No Spot



Around the end of May I had issues with my usually normal Internet provider, which meant Starbucks was seeing  a lot of me. After about 3 days with no at home Internet, I was sick of staying all day at Starbucks in the hot heat (no indoor seating was open), so I decided to venture out in mobile hotspots. Now since I live on a budget, that means no contract phones for me and no contract hotspots. So that only left the likes of Virgin Mobile , which is a pre-paid service that I have used before in the past for cell service. I wasn’t too happy about having to use them due to the fact that their service has sucked before, but I figured they may have changed since their phone service appeared to have. So I bought one of their Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro 3g/4g Mobile Hotspot despite my inner nerd was telling at me not to. I bought it at Best Buy and went home with high hopes of a good back up connection.

Let’s just say that I should have heeded my inner nerd more.

Once I arrived home one of my instincts was correct, you needed a current connection to make the connection. That clearly was not working and proved Best Buy once again had no clue about their product line. This made me mad and while trying to contact their customer support, it was going nowhere. Luckily my real Internet connected kicked in and I figured that I would try it once again to see if I could set it up the way it was supposed to be. After going through a loop several times and have zero legit instructions, it appeared to work until I tried to make a legit connection. The 3G acted as if it didn’t even exist at all, nor would it stay connected for any period of time

That of course meant a new call to their customer service reps and they claimed the device could be defective, but they still wanted me to pay upfront for the service as if it wasn’t. Um, no thanks. But I am not going to pay for something that you just told me that it wasn’t going to work. So I gave up and decided that it wasn’t going to work at all and it needed to go back to Best Buy. So that weekend I did just that and got my full refund, which was a pretty penny let me tell you.

Now everything on my end has been fixed for a while and I haven’t had anything to worry about needing a hotspot. But since I know that their service is crap, I decided that I should warn others about it. The product seemed to be a popular returned item since when I was buying one, I saw an already returned one back on the shelf. So yes, my inner nerd was right in telling me to runaway from it.

Here are the specs of the little device, if you are curious to see along with the pricing model.


Height: 2.67″
Depth: 0.7″

Width: 2.67″
Weight: 3.37 oz.



Mac Requirements: Mac OS X, 10.4 & Higher G4/G5

Windows* Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7


4G on the fly

EVDO Rev A Data Network/WiMAX


Micro SD Slot for Shared Network Storage

Hidden 1.7″ LCD Display



  • MicroSD card slot – up to 32GB
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant
  • CDMA MDM6085/ WiMAXBCS350
  • Memory: 1GB RAM/2GB ROM

$5/day for 3G for 200MB

$35/month for 3G  2GB

$55/month for 3G 5GB

All plans also promises free unlimited 4G connection where available.

Price $119.00

As you can tell, it sounds like a promising deal-but sadly it is a dud. Zero stars go for this no spot device. Granted, I have no clue if it is related to where I live or not, but it sadly do not do what was promised and it shouldn’t be sold in a bad 3G location if that is the case.

How many have you tried the Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro 3g/4g Mobile Hotspot? Did it work as promised or was it a dud for you?

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One Response to “Virgin Mobile Hotspot is A No Spot”

  1. Anna says:

    What a disappointment. I use Virgin Mobile myself and I don’t usually have much trouble with them, although last spring I purchased the PCD Chaser and that phone didn’t last a full week. I guess you get what you pay for.

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