Microsoft to Limit Xbox One Preview Accounts


Bad news for gamers who long to join Xbox One Preview. Microsoft is now starting to limit how many members they can have for the BETA program. Fans have long jumped at the chance to take a gander at the future of the popular gaming console. They have been having so many applications coming in and not enough open spots, thanks to popular forums for the community. Here is how Microsoft made the announcement, which does imply when the start of this is to take place or when they expect it to end.


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Happy 20th Birthday Windows 95 + Facts


I am feeling old today, as Microsoft marks Windows 95’s 20th year anniversary. Most of today’s adults would remember using the land mark OS that put Microsoft in the forefront of computing. It was one of the first widely used editions and changed much of how companies used computers. While some may call it a very basic system compared to now, it should not be overlooked on just how loved it was.

So today as we celebrate the milestone for Microsoft, I am sharing some interesting facts about the once popular OS.


When it came out, Windows 95 was sold for $179.99 for full/clean install version. Upgrade edition was sold for $89.99.

Basic system requirements were the simple 386DX processor, 4MB of RAM, and a 120MB hard drive.

You could buy it on CD-ROM or a floppy disk set that had 13 disks.

If you bought the CD-ROM edition, you got a bonus music video of Weezer’s Buddy Holly.

Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston were picked for a cyber sitcom to promote it.

The first service pack less than 6 months after release, on December 31st of 1995.

Internet Explorer was an add-on, it did not come packaged with Windows 95 at first.

Before it became Windows 95, it was known as Windows 4.0 & Chicago,

Plug and play was introduced with 95.

Support ended for it on December 31st, 2002.


Here are some videos to remember the awesomeness of Windows 95.

How did Windows 95 impact you? Share your story down below in the comments.





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Why I Am Against Kickstarter & Similar Sites


As a blogger, I actually receive a lot of PR emails asking to be featured on my site. That isn’t bad, but I sadly end up with a lot of ones from Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding sites. People send pitches to me for new video game ideas or other tech items that they are hoping to bring to fruition. Many are based upon virtual reality (in hindsight, my site name might be working against me) or other type of items that scream Brookestone merchandise ideas. Most are not my cup of tea,  as they are gimmick products or just really bad ideas in general.  Hence why you will very rarely see me posting items about these campaigns.

But the bigger issue that bothers me is the fact they are asking for free PR. At a stage of planning and trying to raise funds, you cannot offer anything of value to bloggers. It is more backwards as the owners are actually getting something in return, while the bloggers will only wind up with more pitches from Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns. Not really a win-win situation, which even Chris Pirillo has pointed out before

So what is the point that I am getting to? Don’t pitch ideas to blog owners unless there is something in value to offer to us.

What do you think about crowdfunding and how people use blogs for free PR for it?



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Update & Missing Posts

Hello world, long time and no see. I recently have moved my site over to a new host after a horrible GoDaddy experience. Due to this, some of my older posts are missing or are missing pictures. This greatly hurts me, but it is partly due to my own fault. Thus, I will be slowly re-adding them and adding in newer posts as well. So I am asking for everyone’s support as well as suggestions on what you would like to see featured on here.

This will be  work in progress for a while.

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Squids Odyssey Was Not What I Expected


Over this summer The Game Bakers was kind enough for me to review their newest game, Squids Odyssey. If you remember correctly I was excited for the game as the trailer made it look inviting. Special effects and great marketing, the game reminded me of Mario Brothers or other similar style games. However, I admit that I was let down once I played the game. Hence why my review is on the later side. I wanted to give myself time to think it through and play it after at first feeling let down. Now I have come to my end thoughts that I am ready to share with you all.

The Good:

Let me start out with the good. It is an easy game to play and yes, I still consider it a platform game. It also gives you 3 characters to play with, which each has their own strength to help you win. It is a cute concept that will appeal to younger kids while us older games may not feel the game to its full potential. That is pretty much where the good ends.

The Not So Great:

Okay, now here is where my issues with the game. The trailer I feel mislead people. It does not honestly preview the game in a fair light. This is where I found myself most struggling with it. I felt that they could have really let the game play shine in the trailer more than an animated cartoon. That really bothered me the most. Other than that, the other smaller issue was that the game graphics were a little lack luster. I again feel this was part of the whole bad trailer mistake. I also want to note that I am not a graphics snob, but when you show it as one thing and it turns out 100% different-we then have a problem.

Game Play:

Now perhaps on the MOST interesting part of the game. Squids Odyssey is not a bad game at all. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy it as a casual game, which is exactly what I would call it. It is not for those who are hard core gamers or who are looking for the most exciting games out on the market. It really is a more of time passing or light hearted game that is truly for entertainment purposes. Within that relm, it does a great job. However, I do feel the need to ad that since I am out of gaming pratice-I did find myself being stuck in a loop of not getting out of level 1. Yes, that is a very shameful thing for me to say. But hey, I did get there an the end!




Would I recommend Squids Odyssey? Yes, I would recommend it as it still is fun and has value in the gaming community. I would just strongly urge people to not expect what they saw in the game trailer. That will hopefully prevent them from feeling the way that I did at first. Other than that, I say have at it with the game. It is fun and a great family option for those with younger kids looking for a good game to play.

Now for my rating: I give it 3.5 stars out of a 5 star (highest point in my rating system).

Have you played Squids Odyssey and do you like it? Also, would you like a follow up, mini review once I have played it for a little longer to see if my feelings have changed? If so, please comment down below.

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My Bloggy Boot Camp Experience ATL 2014


Kind of late on the bandwagon, but as some who also works full-time I think my reason was valid. I attended the Bloggy Boot Camp Atlanta on October 11, put on by the fabulous Sway Group and SITS Girls. This was my first ever blog conference and it was as wonderful as expected. They put the focus on how to become a better blogger and how to make the most out of this part of my career. The support was amazing since they made sure you knew they believed in you. Along with that, I met some other bloggers who I will be checking out their own blogs. But I wanted to post a few highlights for those who never attended one. Plus this will serve me as a reminder on the things that I need to work on as I grow my own dreams.

1. Have an end game in mind.

I think this is a key to success. Knowing that you will get there and acting like it will assists you in the process. I do not need to believe in myself, I need to KNOW that I will achieve it.


2. Don’t over work yourself.

I got to admit, this one was a big issue for me. I work from the moment I get up, to the very early in the morning. I need to plan my days better so that I can take care of me and my work in a good manner.


3. Break out of my shell.

I admit it, I am shy. I loved the fact that Bloggy Boot Camp made me socialize with others. It felt good to step out of my shell and see things do indeed work itself out that way. I want to grow my “tribe” of blogger friends. This will not only force me to do so, but perhaps boost my confidence as well.


4. Step out of comfort zone.

Again, this is a huge problem for me (can you see a theme here?). I need to be okay with stepping outside of my comfort zone and try new things. I get comfy in my space with the fear of rejection from brands/companies. However, I will NEVER grow if I stay in safe zone. This will be a key life lesson I think on many fronts.

You may also now see a few more personality style posts, as this is part of my comfort zone breaking. This one is a little out of character for my blog, but I am liking it so far! I have plenty of notes to work through and I will be making my way to be who I want to become online. As for future blogging events, I will hopefully be making my way there as well.

Did you ever attend a Bloggy Boot Camp and did you attend the Atlanta one this year?

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The Easy Answer to Do I Really Need DCOM?


If you use a Windows computer, then you are likely aware of the service hosts processes listed under task manager are considered must have system processes. However, they sometimes hog space and RAM causing you all sorts of computer issues. So you do a Google search to find out what the process in hopes of solving it, only to be told “NO”. Well DCOM is one of those annoying process and why yes, you can live without it. Here is a break down of what it is, what can cause issues with it, how to disable it and the risks involved.

What is DCOM?

DCOM stands for Distributed Component Object Model, which basically allows your computer (and its software) to “talk” to other computers via remote support or networks. It comes standard on all Windows machines and for the most part causes zero issues.  However, it is not vital for your system to run.

So, what does cause issues with DCOM?

DCOM has sadly become a target for worms and viruses alike. In fact a few years ago Windows had an issue with XP becoming infected often with a worm that messed with DCOM. It is sort of the ideal target since it can control how the computer communicates, but also because the system does not want it disabled. So many people do not risk removing the infection since they fear disabling DCOM will mess up their system more. However, if they continue to allow infected or damaged DCOM to run, it will mess up their entire system to a point of needing a clean OS installation.

What are the risks involved with disabling DCOM?

This is perhaps the most pending question and one that even I had a hard time finding out the answer to. Without DCOM your computer basically cannot be remote accessed or connect to certain things that need lots of communication, such as VPNs. So most home users really do not need to worry about using DCOM, while business users might want to find out what they need to run as a vital part of work. Other than that, you won’t even miss it or notice it being gone.

Okay, you convinced me. Now how do I disable DCOM?

First, please be advised that unless you are the computer admin or not feeling like you can do it yourself, please do not try. You could mess up your system if you do not know how to do it properly. So please heed this advice if you are just starting with computers.

Okay, now to the juicy stuff.

1. Go to computer


2. Go to control panel


3. Click on Admin tools


4. Click on component services.


5. Click on computers.


6. Right click on my computers and select properties.


7. Select default properties tab.


8. Uncheck enable DCOM (or distributed com).


9. Click apply and okay.


You may then have to restart your computer to successfully finish the process. After that, you have successfully disabled the service.

Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns that you have or even share tips in the comments below.


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Free Windows 8.1 To Be Released in October 17


Microsoft is serious about their Windows 8 OS, as they are furthering proving that with their update. They just announced the newest update, called Windows 8.1. It is set to come out about a year after the original, with October being their target date.  Best of all, it will be a free for everyone who wishes to download and use it who already have Windows on October 17 .   New devices with the update will be released on October 18. Here are a few of the updates that it will bring.

  • Updated Apps
  • Booting into desktop view
  • Start button
  • New Windows App store
  • Updated SkyDrive
  • IE 11
  • Personalize options

As for enterprises, they will also support a 3D files. Beyond that, it will stick with mostly what others expect from Windows 8. No word on when the new Surfaces will be released, though. All we do know about that is their newer price pointsand that they are expected to be released this fall. It is safe to assume that a mobile version Windows 8.1 will be used.


How do you feel about the latest Windows update coming up?

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Nintendo Selling Refurbished 3DS XL Consoles Online


Nintendo knows what their customers want and are slow to give in to them. A good example would be their fresh selection of refurbished Nintendo 3DS consoles. The selection includes both common color combos and come with everything included in the new models. They start off at the price point of $169.99 ($10 under the usual price for their refurbished consoles), which is also the price of a bran new model of the original DS.

It isn’t clear as to why Nintendo waited so long or priced it along with the original standard DS. But it looks like they are hoping to move more units perhaps and take business away from GameStop on used hardware. Clearly, it is too early to tell if Nintendo is successfully taking away consumers from GameStop yet or not. However, it wouldn’t surprise us if they did with their warranty on the devices.

The Nintendo 3DS has been plagued with issues ever since it was launched and has been a slow seller for the most part. Why sales has picked up for them, it hasn’t been the cake walk that Nintendo has been wishing for. We shall see how it stands up rest of this year and perhaps even against the Wii U, which is their current stinker.

Tell us, how do you feel about used consoles?

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